Find Your Way to Rogers County

While many travelers choose to visit Rogers County using the historic Route 66, you may choose to begin your journey through a connection to one of two nearby airports or via other major interstates or state highways. Wherever your journey begins, you’ll find Rogers County ready to welcome you.


Tulsa International Airport
Located just over 20 miles from the heart of Rogers County, Tulsa International Airport quickly connects travelers to destinations around the globe.

Claremore Regional Airport
The Claremore Regional Airport (KGCM) is your ticket to open airspace for private travel, offering competitive fuel prices, excellent facilities, and friendly service.

Highways and Interstates

 Directly accessible from state highways and a U.S. interstate, Rogers County is easy to get to. Local access points include:

  • Historic Route 66
  • State Highway 66
  • State Highway 266
  • U.S. 412
  • State Highway 20
  • State Highway 88
  • State Highway 169

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